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Win a Limited Edition Star Wars, Chewbacca Art - Signed by the Artist

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Limited Edition
Star Wars 
Chewbacca Art 
Signed by the Artist!

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Chewbacca Art Print

by Artist Bob Ford, The Tiny Art Co

I am excited to have this Chewbacca Artwork as part of the Carry Smarter Giveaway. The Artist Bob Ford has been a strong supporter of Carry Smarter from the beginning. 

This is a limited-edition Star Wars Boba Fett Art Print. Numbered out of 50 and signed by the Artist Bob Ford. Paper size is 12x10 inches, drawing fits just inside A4 dimensions


"The Tiny Art Co draws very small people... thousands of them. The detailed art you see is all hand-drawn from scratch, with a fine ink pen. Each person is just 1cm tall, and the drawings contain a wonderful myriad of people, animals, and odd creatures! Each time you look you will surely meet someone new!"
Quote from a fan.

About The Tiny Art Co, Bob Ford
Bob Ford is a local Artist in Salisbury the home of Carry Smarter. He draws thousands of tiny people in his art that are 1cm tall. Bob is a Star Wars fanatic. His imagination runs riot and each piece of art contains interactions between the characters that might shock you & hidden Star Wars nods. Each original artwork takes 35 hours of drawings.

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