What is EDC?

What is EDC?

EDC is short for "Everyday Carry" and refers to items, usually small, that are worn or carried by a person. EDC are the items you have with you every single day. The things that you can’t bear to be without, that help you when you need them most. EDC items are useful and practical; every item should have a purpose or variety of uses if it doesn’t then it’s not EDC.


What is the point in EDC?

The point is that EDC is the items you are likely to need on a daily basis. It could simply be a couple of things. It could be 15-20 items; it’s a very individual thing.

EDC is about having the tools to do a job in different circumstances. For some people, EDC is just about ‘convenience’. Having the tools close to hand whenever you need them saving time every day.

“you are what you carry,” EDC says a lot about who you are as a person. It should be unique to you and personal to your tastes and requirements. Plus it’s always fun to compare your EDC.

What sort of things do people carry?

There is no right or wrong, but the basics or essentials of your EDC are Phones, Keys, Wallet, and Watch. Most people won’t be able to leave the house without these items. These are the essentials upon which to build your EDC.

Your phone has so much functionality and multiple uses. Your wallet not only stores money but necessary information and can even carry tools. Your keychain allows you to keep many of your tools together and also hold your primary keys.

Many people add more of the following EDC items. A knife, flashlight and multi-tool. Some want a keychain-sized knife; others prefer a bigger Swiss Army style multi-tool. It all depends on what you need to carry.


Quantity Vs Quality. Needs Vs Wants.

Mostly you can carry whatever you want in your EDC, in whichever way suits you the best. Common sense says you want as few items as possible, which are capable of doing as many tasks as possible.

Your EDC will evolve over time. You may not realise how often you need certain tools. Many people keep changing and swapping their EDCs over time depending on their requirements.


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