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Jay Roberts The New Owner Of Carry Smarter 

Jay Roberts | Owner

On May 1st 2018 I re-launched the carry smarter store. I worked with Martin, the former founder of Carry Smarter, on the online marketing of the store, and a recent communication opened an avenue I had never thought of. 

Due to personal reasons Martin had been forced to close the store in the summer of 2017. This left many old customers without their products and with no communication. Something Martin deeply regretted but was unable to avoid. 

After a few meetings with Martin we agreed I would take the store over, with his guidance, and resolve all old issues. Something I would have fully completed by the end of June 2018. 

The focus was leaning towards EDC - everyday carry - and survival. But with the changeover the focus will be mostly on ParaCord KeyChain Buddies, and expanding the ranges to end up with hundreds of ParaCord KeyChain Buddies for just about every Superhero, villain, cartoon character or celebrity we can find and that looks great as a paraCord buddy.

I am excited to be involved with a fun business. It's become a family affair with my son and daughter - aged 11 and 8 - and my wife, joining in and helping. 
I am committed to keeping the high quality that has always been the hallmark of Carry Smarter and improving our service and range. 

I am also excited about building a fun community of happy customers and enthusiasts. 

Jay  |  Carry Smarter


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