Should I Carry A Pocket Notebook?

Should I Carry A Pocket Notebook? 0

Paper and Pen are destined for each other, and one without the other just doesn't work. Adding a notebook to your carry is quite easy due to their size and flexibility in a pocket. The addition of A memo book to your back pocket adds a tonne of utility without the bulk. Pocket notebooks are perfect for a variety of purposes:
Easy to Carry:
Most pocket notebooks consist of around 20/30 sheets, usually with paper covers. Because of this, they are thin enough to fit easily comfortably in a front or back pocket without you noticing it’s there until you need it.
If you’re already carrying a pen, adding a pocket notebook is the next logical step. Having your personal notes in your back pocket or backpack makes them easily accessible. Never be without a place to write something down again.
Rather than writing down your thoughts, important mobile numbers, notes and more on scraps of paper - have them all safely consolidated in your back pocket. It's much easier to look back and examine notes when they're all in the same place.
Helps you memorise:
Writing down notes by hand has been reliably proven to help you retain information. It’s also an important part of The Field Notes Mantra; “I am not noting it down to remember it later, I am noting it down to remember it now.”
What advantages does a pocket notebook give me?
There are many uses for carrying a notebook. People have been writing stuff down for generations, whether it be observations, individual experiences, or what they have to grab at the local store. Here're a few suggestions on what to write in your notebook:
To-Do List:
What more reliable place is there than your very own pocket to keep a running list of all that needs to get sorted?
Follow your daily spending to stick to that budget to help save up for that new knife you’ve been looking at.
Write down a few ideas and observations from each day. It’s a lot of fun and interesting to look back on what you were up to years past on the same day.
Whether it be your gym progress, weight loss/gain, or tasting notes on your favourite coffees or teas, try keeping a journal of things you desire.
Creativity & Inspiration:
It’s relaxing to let your creativity free and put pen to paper and see what comes out. Write down passing thoughts, business plans, sketches for a future project, and much more.
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