Top 5 EDC Skills

Posted on May 13 2016

Survival skills should never be undervalued. Every single ability you learn will be a benefit and every single ability will unquestionably be applied when you're in a bad situation, even generally in the day to day life. In this blog post, we aim to uncover some skills that often get overlooked and don’t get the credit that they deserve. So below are the five most overlooked survival skills:
Sewing can seem like such and older thing, but it’s not! Being able to patch up tears in clothing and among many other things can say in survival. It’s not a craft that should be left to the Grandmothers of the earth it’s one that should be handed down the generations.
We’ve just mentioned some of the prominent uses for sewing so far, being clothing, but what if you needed to sew up a cut? This may seem manageable, but if you’ve never sewn before you having zip to base this opinion on.
There are some excellent tools out there which can help you to no end. Tools like Speedy Stitcher come into their own here. It can assist you to make those repairs quickly and efficiently, without a high level of experience.
Developing self-sufficiency
Hunting demands to spend a lot of energy, and there’s a reason that humans moved from hunting to agriculture by growing food and raising livestock. The knowledge to grow fruits and vegetables not only keeps you from having to hunt as much, but it also gives nutrients for your diet that you may not otherwise get, especially when attempting to survive longer term. Some illnesses can be induced by simply not getting enough nutrition such as Scurvy. The raising of livestock would be a difficult task but not implausibly so.
Food Preservation
When in times of plenty, it’s smart to prepare for times of nothingness. In a survival scenario, take nothing for granted. Just because there is an abundance of food now doesn’t mean it will last forever. There are some ways to keep foods for longer periods of time. Canning preserved fruits and vegetables are still popular in many rural cultures. You’ll also be amazed to learn how many ways there are to preserve meats with salt and smoke.
Tool Making
The knowledge to not only use tools but also how to produce them. Because what happens when your knife breaks, or when you were bugging out, you forgot your axe. The more a tool is used the sooner it will need replacing or repairing. Learning how to make a new knife or axe can mean the difference in any survival situation.
Hunting and Foraging
Of the five types of skill mentioned here, these are probably the most well known. However, we’ve seen that many people either focus on the ability to hunt, or capacity to forge. To give you the greatest odds of survival, knowledge of both skills is vitally necessary. Developing on from that you’ll also want to think about clothing because those beautiful winter coats you’ve brought probably won’t last. Crafts like skinning will come into their own.
There are loads of guides and videos out there, so if you are inspired by anything I've mentioned in this blog, a Google search will help you get started!


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