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Posted on May 12 2016

Here are essential items that every vehicle should have on board at all times. Some of them are obvious and some not-so-obvious. A good EDC'er doesn’t wait until something occurs before he starts to make a plan.
Some of these items should be carried at all times and some should be taken if you go on long trips. Only you can decide what is suitable based on your comfort level, the weather, area, how long you intend on being away from your home and how much capacity you have in your car. You will probably find that you’ll require more than one kit in your vehicle to keep everything in a logical order.
Firstly, EVERY car should have a car jack, a tire iron or equal and a recently inspected spare tyre. Spare tyres go flat without warning so make sure you check the tire and set it on the floor to make sure it still holds air. If your car has wheels that have a unique key, make sure you keep it somewhere you can easily find it or your tire iron will be worthless.
Plan Your Trip
Keep emergency contact details in the car. You should possess something in the vehicle that will inform first-responders who they should contact if you are incapacitated. You should also keep contact information nearby for yourself in case anything comes up and you lose your mobile. This information should be held on you and not your vehicle when you are not driving.
Make sure you own at least two reliable flashlights in your vehicle. If you run into trouble at night and need to change a tyre or repair something under the bonnet, it is a lot simpler to do if you can see. Battery powered lights are extremely portable.
Make sure you have extra sets of decent clothing items. Gloves are useful when working on a vehicle and can be utilised if the weather turns colder. During cold weather, your needs expand. A scarf will take up limited room in your vehicle but may keep you warm if you have to trek to get help during cold conditions. An emergency rain jacket is also perfect for this. If you have space, you should keep some light jackets during the colder months.
Always keep some bottled water in your vehicle. You will not only need it to cool your radiator, but you may also end up on the roadside for extended periods of time and dehydration can quickly kill you. Just make sure you never open a warm radiator if you decide to fill it.
If you have space, an empty gas can will save time if you run out of fuel. Some areas may not have them available for sale when you need them. Do not store gasoline in your car in any place other than your fuel tank.
Tools are always necessary when fixing a car. You should keep a small toolbox if you are far from home. This box should at the least contain:
1) A full set of wrenches
2) A socket set
3) Good screwdriver set
4) Locking and non-locking pliers
5) Duct tape
6) Good sharp knife
7) Good quality multi-tool
8) Don’t skimp on jumper cables
9) Battery booster
Other Items To Pack
Antifreeze is extremely handy if you have the space but water will serve for short distances. Having the heater on and air conditioner off will help dissipate heat to cool your engine if it is overheating.
Some First Aid Kit should always be available so if you don’t always have a bug out bag that has one, you need to put something in your car. There are many different types of kits available and many different items that could go in them. What goes inside this package could easily be an article in itself.
Have a good set of jumper cables in the car. Cheap cables have a smaller gauge wire and flimsy connectors. They will not jump your vehicle sometimes when a better set will. If you’re going to scrimp on anything, don’t make it your cables. Longer cables mean less power goes to your battery but they’re useless if they don’t reach. The heavier the wire, the less resistance it has to the current.
Keep at least a quart of oil in your vehicle at all times.
An old blanket can be helpful for lying on the earth while you work or keeping you warm.
Have a few rags or paper towels in your car for cleaning your hands after working under the bonnet or with liquids. I keep one in my boot and one with my tools.
A little decision like keeping your car with essential items can have a huge effect on someone’s life – including your own.
Carry Smarter.


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