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November 27, 2015 1 min read

I’ve lately been looking for more affordable and accessible options to Peter Atwood tools and gadgets. And think I've come up with a nice little custom tool myself. Well, when I say “myself” what I mean is an existing mini prybar tool that I attached a Peter Atwood style paracord wrap too.


I found a great website for gadgets and device related paraphernalia called CountyComm. They sell, among other things, two impeccable little pocket prybars that were originally developed for supply to the US Military/Govt. They call them the Widget Prybar and Micro Widgy Prybar and they are impeccable. Below is a picture from the CountyComm site showing the standard Widget Prybar.


Unfortunately, they don’t come with any cord wrap on them which is fine, but I needed to find out how it would feel like with a wrap. I added some green and grey 550 paracord around my Micro Widgy Prybar.


The final result is fantastic.


Carry Smarter.

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