Finding Your Keys

Posted on November 20 2015

Around the globe, people carry keys every day. It’s not unreasonable to assume that items carried so often would constantly be close at hand, owners taking comfort in the knowing that their keys are safe and secure.
You can blame it on absentmindedness, curious kids, distractions, hungry pets or gremlins hunting for shiny objects but there’s no denying that keys exceed at vanishing acts.
An excellent article popped up recently that showcased a collection of apps that are fantastic at assisting you not misplacing your keys. (Or finding them if you do) All the applications are usable on both iOS and Android. They come with many features so you can find the one that best suits you.
Some may not be available just yet, some you could use for finding other things too such as a dog on walks. If I'm going to recommend any, it would be hipKey and Tile. Both are easily attachable to your keys and operate on a simple app.
Carry Smarter.


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