Fixed Knives For EDC

Posted on December 04 2015

For the most part, when people speak about knives, it's usually about folding knives since these are the most common to be carried daily. The selection of fixed blades is even larger than that of folding knives since they are used far more often in various tasks.


There are circumstances when you may bring a fixed blade knife as part of your EDC gear. These would probably be times that you are hiking, camping or entering an environment other than your usual one.


The main advantages to fixed blades are that they regularly allow a better grip, can have more job-specific blade patterns, and are usually more durable than folding knives. If you're expecting to put your knife to hard use, then a fixed blade should be in your EDC for that day.


Another excellent reason to carry a fixed blade is that, for the money, they're normally of greater quality. The complex mechanisms that go into some folding knives make them more expensive than fixed blades.


Carry Smarter.


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