A True Paracord Survival Bracelet

Posted on November 11 2015

Paracord Survival Bracelets are popular for a few reasons. They look great and enable you to carry a usable amount of extremely durable cord with you wherever you go.

I'd like to explain to you guys what I think a true paracord survival bracelet should be. The idea of such a bracelet would be to pack in the greatest amount of functionality into a bracelet while still keeping the expenses reasonable.

Beginning with the cord. This paracord blends all of the strengths of 550 Paracord (7 white internal strands & durable outer sheath), with an added 8 lb fishing line and a strand of jute twine.

The next point that makes this bracelet so valuable is the fastener. The Firestarting Whistle Buckle blends a buckle, a ferrocerium (fire steel) rod and a practical whistle. This buckle, with the Fish/Fire Paracord, would enable you to start a fire anywhere, as long as you have sufficient fuel after you ignite.

To me, a bracelet made with those two parts makes a lot of sense. The combined functionality of the whistle, fishing line, ferrocerium rod and jute, make this bracelet a great addition to your EDC gear.
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