What Is EDC?

What Is EDC?
Everyday carry (EDC) usually small items worn or carried every single day. Things you can’t bear to be without, to help you when needed, useful and practical; every item should have a purpose or variety of uses.


What does the term Every day Carry mean?

At the most basic level, your everyday carry (Commonly Referred To As EDC) is a combination of items you carry on you or your bag on a regular basis.
The kind of things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel exposed without. They are particularly valuable, and not just in a financial or sentimental way. Your everyday carry is composed of items that you find essential.
So this means things like screwed up receipts, gum wrappers, and other disposables that might live in your pocket, but they don’t count as part of your everyday carry. Strengths in your pack should have certain qualities that fall in line with a few different principles of the practice of daily carry.
EDC essentials prepare you for any situation and enable you to do your best.



What are the advantages of the Everyday Carry approach to my daily belongings?
The point is that EDC is the items you are likely to need on a regular basis. It could simply be a couple of things. It could be 15-20 items; it’s a very individual thing.
EDC is about having the tools to do a job in different circumstances. For some people, EDC is just about ‘convenience’. Having the tools close to hand whenever you need them saving time every day.
“you are what you carry,” EDC says a lot about who you are as a person. It should be unique to you and personal to your tastes and requirements. Plus it’s always fun to compare your EDC.


What sort of things do people carry?

Mobile Phone: There’s no disputing that modern smartphones enable us to do more than ever before. No other device can equal the functionality and flexibility of a smartphone. Our smartphones decrease the necessity to carry a camera, watch, pen and flashlight for many people.
Wallet: Wallets keep your cards, IDs, cash, and other documents organised and within hands reach. The wallet itself may not be as valuable as what’s inside, but it serves a significant purpose to preserve these essentials from damage and loss.
Keychain: Keys let us guard what’s important to us. Keychains warrant a spot in your EDC because they keep your keys together and simple to use.
There is no right or wrong; many people add more of the following EDC items. A knife, flashlight and multi-tool. Some want a keychain-sized knife; others prefer a bigger Swiss Army style multi-tool. It all depends on what you need to carry.


Is it necessary to carry all this stuff?

Not at all! Everyday Carry is all about creating a setup that suits your needs. Just as no two people are the same, neither are their EDCs. Carry what you require according to your lifestyle.

Carry Smarter.

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