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  • Top 5 EDC Skills

    Posted on May 13 2016

    Survival skills should never be undervalued. Every single ability you learn will be a benefit and every single ability will unquestionably be applied when you're in a bad situation, even...

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  • Your Car EDC

    Posted on May 12 2016

    Here are essential items that every vehicle should have on board at all times. Some of them are obvious and some not-so-obvious. A good EDC'er doesn’t wait until something occurs...

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  • Getting Lost

    Posted on May 10 2016

    Being lost in the wilderness is an especially terrifying experience to open with, but it’s certainly worse if you have no sense which direction you need to head in to...

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  • A Reliable Fire

    Posted on May 06 2016

    Fire has a primal nature for humans; it creates a sense of home and lifts the spirits. Fire means warmth, food, light and stability as well of course as rescue....

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  • Common EDC Mistakes

    Posted on May 05 2016

    EDC is a popular and developing past-time, but as more and more people start it, we see a resurgence in simple mistakes. In the most part these errors are just...

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  • EDC And Working With A Budget

    Posted on May 05 2016

    There are a lot of items that you could be carrying as part of your every day carry gear. The difficulty is that you probably don’t have sufficient room to...

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  • Five Top Survival Items

    Posted on May 04 2016

    We had a discussion at Carry Smarter about what we would want if we could have only five survival things to get us through an average UK based wilderness survival...

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  • Stormproof Matches

    Posted on May 03 2016

    A staple EDC (every day carry) item for those who are preparedness-minded is a fire making tool. Now this is usually a lighter or a fire steel. All too often...

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  • EDC Nutrition

    Posted on April 29 2016

    Most of you reading this will have put high effort into determining just the right equipment for your outdoor pursuits or survival equipment inventories. To you, it is likely a...

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  • Introduction to EDC pocket knives

    Posted on April 28 2016

    A knife is a tool, not a weapon. Repeat that last sentence to yourself one hundred times. A knife is the first ever tool made by humans, marked by stone...

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  • The Curiously Useful Altoids Tin

    Posted on April 27 2016

    The simple Altoids tin, designed several years ago as packaging for ‘The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Peppermints’, has since become the survival container favourite amongst the EDC community. Pocket-sized, sturdy,...

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  • Should I Carry A Pocket Notebook?

    Posted on April 22 2016

    Paper and Pen are destined for each other, and one without the other just doesn't work. Adding a notebook to your carry is quite easy due to their size and...

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  • EDC Flashlight

    Posted on March 17 2016

    Now, I'm all sure that we've encountered situations where we drop anything in a dark or are looking for something behind furniture that's against the wall. In these cases, we...

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  • 6 Obscure Fire Lighting Methods

    Posted on March 10 2016

    Fire lighting is possibly one of the essential survival abilities to master.   Most wood fires are rather similar, composed of the three primary elements: fuel, heat and oxygen. But...

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  • More Than What You Carry

    Posted on February 25 2016

    I understand that essentially all of you are familiar with the concept of EDC (Every day Carry) and carry some tools on your person to prepare you for daily chores....

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  • Being Creative With Paracord

    Posted on February 15 2016

    550lb paracord has long been celebrated for its innumerable uses and survival purposes and has now found favour as a handy crafting material. With a bit of persistence you can...

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  • UK Knife Laws

    Posted on January 08 2016

    A great knife is an indispensable item for many EDC'ers. The right blade can be used for anything, from making kindling and splitting wood, to more challenging bushcraft and survival...

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  • Fixed Knives For EDC

    Posted on December 04 2015

    For the most part, when people speak about knives, it's usually about folding knives since these are the most common to be carried daily. The selection of fixed blades is...

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  • Pry Bars

    Posted on November 27 2015

    I’ve lately been looking for more affordable and accessible options to Peter Atwood tools and gadgets. And think I've come up with a nice little custom tool myself. Well, when...

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  • Finding Your Keys

    Posted on November 20 2015

    Around the globe, people carry keys every day. It’s not unreasonable to assume that items carried so often would constantly be close at hand, owners taking comfort in the knowing...

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  • A True Paracord Survival Bracelet

    Posted on November 11 2015

    Paracord Survival Bracelets are popular for a few reasons. They look great and enable you to carry a usable amount of extremely durable cord with you wherever you go.I'd like...

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  • 550 Paracord

    Posted on October 13 2015

    Paracord is exceptionally helpful on outdoor adventures, but it is something that gets frequently neglected in an everyday carry loadout. Granted it's not as usable as a knife or flashlight,...

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  • What Is EDC?

    Posted on September 04 2015

    Everyday carry (EDC) usually small items worn or carried every single day. Things you can’t bear to be without, to help you when needed, useful and practical; every item should...

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